Hamble Classics 'Regatta Handicap'
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Regatta Handicaps are free of charge

Apply here for a Hamble Classics Regatta Handicap by providing as much information as possible so that we can produce a handicap for your boat. Your email address will only be used for communications relating to Hamble Classics. 

Please be aware that yacht handicapping of any type can never be 100% fair and boats will perform differently in varying conditions which will affect race results.  

One-design boats that cannot muster enough entries for a class start may be directed to race in the Regatta Handicap Class. Boats of the same class will be on the same handicap unless there are significant differences to justify individual handicaps.

Boats with current IRC certificates (except Spirit of Tradition yachts) can choose to race in the Regatta class if it looks to be more suitable and should complete the form below to obtain a Regatta handicap. The decision of which class a boat sails in can be made after the boat is entered.  

If you decide to apply for an IRC rating please contact the RORC Rating Office: https://www.rorcrating.com - 28 days is usually required to process an application. IRC Single Event Ratings may be available at reduced cost, details at the IRC website HERE

If you need more advice, or after supplying the information requested below you make changes to your boat, e.g. you add a larger spinnaker, please email any questions or the amendments to jonty@sherwilldesign.com at Hamble Classics.
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Your email address will only be used for communications relating to Hamble Classics 
In Metres - P: Mainsail Hoist, E: Mainsail Foot, HLU: Headsail Luff, HLP: Headsail Clew to Luff Perpendicular - please note as comma separated values e.g. 7.83, 3.20, 6.68, 2.62 This information is useful but not essential - skip this field if not known
Hamble Classics NoR 11.3 states: Yachts that normally sail with stanchions and guardwires in place shall not remove them for the regatta.
Please click 'Subscribe' below to submit your data. To provide more information, eg. changes to a yacht entered in previous years please use the email address in the intro above.
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